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University to Convert Shuttle Buses for All-Electric Fleet

The UCI college campus will soon be the first in the nation to completely scrap its traditional diesel-powered buses and deploy an all-electric transit fleet.

Ford Scraps $1.6B Mexico Plant, Details New Electrified Vehicles

Instead of building the Mexico facility, the automaker will invest $700 million to expand its Flat Rock plant in Michigan for EV, hybrid and autonomous vehicle production.

NYC Grows Clean Fleet with 50 New All-Electric Chevy Bolts

This move will help the city reach its goal of acquiring 1,000 EVs by the end of 2017, building the largest municipal EV fleet in the nation.

ATRI Investigates Fuel Economy, Usage for Heavy-Duty Fleets

A new survey found that biodiesel blends (B5, B10 and B20) are the most common alternative fuels in use by heavy-duty trucking fleets today.