EV Connect, Skycharger Offer New Program for Fleet Operators


EV Connect, a provider of electric vehicle charging management solutions, and Skycharger have launched a fleet-as-a-service (FaaS) program to provide fleet operators with new financing and service options for EV charging infrastructure.

In response to a call for zero-emissions goals by the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance and NAFA Fleet Management Association, the FaaS program offers fleet operators a simple path to acquiring, deploying, and maintaining EV charging infrastructure to meet customer requirements with no upfront costs. This comprehensive, operating expenses-based service model provides a cost-effective solution for fleet operators looking for a hassle-free option, without substantial out-of-pocket costs, for managing zero-emission fleets.

“We are pleased to partner with EV Connect to provide businesses with a financing option to electrify their fleets and build out electric vehicle infrastructure with little or no upfront capital costs,” says Andy Karetsky, president and founder at Skycharger. “Vehicle electrification is coming, and Skycharger is here to provide fleet owners a solution that makes adoption of electric vehicles easy for them.”

The FaaS program offers EV charging at a predictable monthly cost, including the cost of electricity, and represents a full-stack approach, simplifying the zero-emission fleet experience from installation to driver support. Through turnkey EV charging solutions, FaaS customers benefit from expert consulting at every phase of the electric vehicle supply equipment’s life cycle, from site planning to deployment, operations, and management.

Skycharger customers also benefit from the EV Connect Shield program, which provides central management of charging station operations and maintenance, including station hardware, software and networking, technical field service, as well as parts sourcing and replacement. Through the program, customers receive low-risk, flexible options and reasonable monthly expenditures while enjoying the interoperability, reliability, and support for which EV Connect is known.

“With an EV fleet solution like the one from Skycharger, fleet managers can replace the uncertainty of fluctuating petroleum fuel costs and stabilize operations with lower, set-cost rates for electricity,” states Jonathan Leicester, vice president of fleet at EV Connect. “We are excited to continue our work with Skycharger to provide mixed fleet services that empower fleet managers during the transition to EVs, giving them the best of both worlds in terms of stability and cost savings.”

FaaS is currently available for fleet customers of all sizes and includes Level 2 and fast-charging equipment from EV Connect partners BTC, EvoCharge, PowerCharge, Tritium, Zerova, and others.

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