Kaptyn Starts New EV Fleet Service Platform in California


Kaptyn, an electric vehicle mobility platform, has launched its full-EV fleet services in Los Angeles.

“With Las Vegas as our first market and having recently expanded to Miami earlier this year, Los Angeles was a logical market for our next expansion,” says Kaptyn founder Andrew Meyers. “Given the size of the market and the traffic issues, we know passengers here will be appreciative of our premium service offering. Los Angeles is also a car-based city but one with a conscience – we all know that public transportation is one of the best ways to alleviate environmental impacts, but since that is not as readily available in LA, Kaptyn is a great option for consistent and reliable transportation that you can feel good about since you are in an EV.”

Kaptyn offers pre-scheduled rides in all-electric vehicles driven by full-time professional drivers. The current pickup and drop-off radius goes as far north as Thousand Oaks and San Fernando Valley, out to Pasadena and down just south of Manhattan Beach with plans to expand operations in 2023. Passengers can book rides using the Kaptyn website at least three hours ahead of their desired pickup time and up to 30 days in advance. Kaptyn drivers show up at least 15 minutes prior to pickup time in a black-on-black Tesla Model Y.

Founded in 2018 with operations in Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles, Kaptyn owns and operates an EV fleet with more than 125 vehicles and more than 175 full-time employee drivers.

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