Cenntro Electric Group Introduces Five New Commercial EVs


Cenntro Electric Group Ltd. is premiering five all-electric commercial vehicles, including the LM864H, a Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell vehicle; the Logistar 300, an all-electric Class 3 van; and the iChassis product line of three open-platform, fully programmable vehicles designed for automated and autonomous driving.

The LM864H is a 6×4 semi-tractor representing Cenntro’s first entry into hydrogen fuel cells and its first heavy-duty truck. The semi-tractor’s electric motors are fully powered by high-efficiency sustainable hydrogen fuel cells with eight 210-liter banks that convert hydrogen into electric power by combining it with oxygen, producing only water as its only byproduct. The LM864H will be available in 3Q of 2023.

The LS 300 is a Class 3 vehicle and will be available in two variations: a van and a truck. The range and capacity of the LS300 will make it a contender in the commercial EV market for last-mile delivery and urban services. The LS300 is equipped with a 118 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, a maximum speed of 62 mph and the range of 273 miles. The van version features four doors for easy access and the truck variation can be upfitted with different configurations that can meet the needs for multiple applications.

Cenntro’s All Electric iChassis series is an open-platform, fully programmable series that has been designed for automated and autonomous driving. Cenntro’s iChassis opens innovation to third-parties to develop their own software and design hardware to control and maneuver the vehicle and to develop new applications that are unique to their needs.

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