ENC Delivers E-Z Rider II Buses to Georgia Institute of Technology


ElDorado National California (ENC), a subsidiary of REV Group Inc., is delivering 35-foot E-Z Rider II buses equipped with BAE hybrid-electric powertrains to the Georgia Institute of Technology. A total of nine buses will be in operation on the campus in Atlanta.

The Georgia Tech fleet will feature innovative GPS technology with geofencing. When inside the geofenced “green zone” areas at the heart of the campus, the buses will automatically switch from diesel to 100% battery electric power, eliminating emissions and noise on campus.

“ENC has been a leader in alternative fuel options for universities, airports and transit applications for over 40 years,” says Jason Moore, vice president and general manager of ENC. “We are excited to partner with Georgia Tech to help them reach their carbon neutral goal with our latest innovation in hybrid-electric transportation.”

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