About NGT News

About NGT alternative fuel News coverage
NGT News – Next-Gen Transportation offers alternative fuel news, as well as in depth coverage of the ideas, trends and tech that drive the clean fuel and transportation industries.

Serving professionals in fleet management and elsewhere in the transportation supply chain, NGT News focuses on alternative fuel and equipment – whether related to natural gas conversions; propane, electric, hybrid and biofuel vehicles; diesel and gasoline applications; or other verticals. And although issues such as safety, tracking and maintenance are critical considerations, we’re not another medium for all things fleet.

Rather, NGT News exists to give stakeholders insight into the rapidly changing landscape related to vehicles, fueling infrastructure, fuel supply and equipment development. Our coverage concentrates on various modes of transportation, such as passenger vehicles, taxis, trucks, buses and rail, and addresses topics pertinent to municipal, government, corporate and rental fleet management. To deliver this content, NGT News monitors industry activity by examining product trends, reporting on policy, and collecting expert feedback, through both daily alternative fuel news coverage and special features.

At its core, the alternative fuel news and analysis offered on the site and delivered via our Latest Headlines e-mail newsletter give readers access to important information that shapes business decisions. Staying up to speed on where technology is heading can be the key to reaching new levels of operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Editorial staff:

Michael Bates, Publisher: bates@ngtnews.com
Lauren Tyler, Web Editor: ltyler@ngtnews.com
Joseph Bebon, Associate Editor: jbebon@ngtnews.com
Betsy Lillian, Associate Editor: blillian@ngtnews.com

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