NFI Providing New Zealand Transit Company with Electrified Buses


NFI Group Inc., an independent bus and coach manufacturer and provider of electric mass mobility solutions, says its Alexander Dennis Ltd. (ADL) subsidiary is building two Enviro200EV XLB electric buses in New Zealand. The company has previously delivered 16 battery-electric buses to the country.

The three-axle single-deck buses will be assembled locally in New Zealand by ADL partner Kiwi Bus Builders. The electric buses will be used by Howick & Eastern by Transdev’s operation in New Zealand, for use on Auckland Transport services.

ADL says it designed the 12.6 m long Enviro200EV XLB buses with the specific requirements of the New Zealand bus market in mind, allowing it to carry 78 passengers without requiring an overweight permit. It uses latest BYD iron phosphate battery and driveline technology – with dual AC and DC plug charging adding operational flexibility.

“NFI is thrilled to be working with our partners in Auckland, New Zealand, to support their zero-emission initiatives and goals,” says Paul Soubry, president and CEO of NFI. “Our electric vehicles enable smart city development, reduce the harmful impacts of climate change, traffic congestion and noise pollution, and create local economic opportunity.”

New Zealand is preparing to fully transition its bus fleet to zero-emission vehicles by 2035 as part of a wider set of measures intended to help meet the country’s 2050 carbon neutral target.

Photo: Enviro200EV XLB electric bus

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Toby Winter
Toby Winter
25 days ago

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Tom Brookes
Tom Brookes
28 days ago

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David butler
David butler
1 month ago

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Mark John
Mark John
2 years ago

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