Amp Intensifies Focus on RNG Following ampCNG Sale


Now that the $41 million sale of its 20 ampCNG fueling stations to American Natural Gas (ANG) has closed, Amp Americas will continue to invest heavily in dairy renewable natural gas (RNG) projects.

The company will continue to own and operate its Indiana biogas operations through its Renewable Dairy Fuels (RDF) business unit. Amp also plans to break ground on two additional dairy biogas operations later this year.

“ANG shares in our vision of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and moving the alternative fuel industry forward. We are proud to be helping them further expand their network to over 60 CNG stations,” says Grant Zimmerman, CEO of AMP Americas. “This transaction gives us substantial runway for our next phase of growth and enables us to focus on our growing pipeline of dairy RNG projects.”

Amp Americas now operates two business units: RDF and Amp Renew. RDF, which produces RNG from dairy waste, previously received the first dairy waste-to-vehicle fuel pathway certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). In 2017, RDF was also awarded a carbon intensity score of -254.94 gCO2e/MJ, the lowest-ever issued by CARB, the company claims. Amp Renew sources renewable gas from RDF and third-party RNG developers to supply fuel to fleet customers.

“Amp Americas has substantial runway with dairy RNG projects in our pipeline,” adds Zimmerman. “Our capital partner, EIV, is excited for this new phase of growth and will be again investing in our next round of projects.”

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