GM: Bi-Fuel CNG Systems For Less Than 10 Grand

Pricing for model-year 2015 CNG Silverados and Sierras is very competitive for high-mileage assets.

Ozinga Energy has completed the installation of CNG equipment from Bauer Compressors Inc. to support the fueling of heavy-duty concrete mixer trucks. The Terex [Read More]

Stabilis Energy, a relative newcomer in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply and services arena, is buying "substantially all of the U.S.-based assets" of Encana Natural Gas Inc. Encana Natural [Read More]

As fleet owners look for fuel efficiency - and consider alternative powertrains - researchers at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute have examined the total cost of ownership of [Read More]

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An accident involving a compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle claimed one life Thursday afternoon in the village of Howard near Green Bay, Wis. The Brown County Sheriff's Office said an [Read More]

Alkane Truck Co., a startup vehicle OEM based out of South Carolina, has introduced a Class 7 cab-over truck platform engineered to run on propane autogas. Available in two models [Read More]

Sparq Natural Gas LLC, headquartered in Oklahoma City, has initiated business as a new entity targeting the build-out of compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling infrastructure. The company is led by [Read More]

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