The Genesee Region Clean Communities is making available $1 million in alternative fuel grants from the federal [Read More]

Clean Energy Fuels says that sales of Redeem, its renewable natural gas (RNG) vehicle fuel, more than doubled in 2015 [Read More]

Google’s autonomous automobile research has taken a turn toward the commercial market with a new patent for [Read More]

The tax would be phased in over five years and would add nearly $20 billion of additional funding per year into studying and expanding clean transportation options. [Read More]

If approved by regulators, the agreement will add 37 public CNG locations to the Love’s network, bringing the number of Love’s-operated public CNG facilities to 65. [Read More]

As part of the ALT Fuels Colorado program, the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) is requesting applications to fund [Read More]

Investigators in Hamilton Township, N.J., have determined that a faulty battery is to blame for starting the fire that caused a compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered garbage truck to erupt in flames on Jan. 26. [Read More]

The ignition launched the CNG tank into a nearby resident’s dining room, though fortunately nobody was injured. An investigation into the cause of the fire is under way. [Read More]

Despite a decline in diesel prices, companies continue to invest in natural gas infrastructure and vehicles. [Read More]

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Ontario is introducing a new Electric Vehicle Incentive Program that it says will help reduce greenhouse-gas pollution [Read More]

Swedish researchers say they have produced the world’s first model car with a roof and battery made from [Read More]

GM may offer the Volt’s plug-in powertrain to other automakers as a way to lower production costs, says Automotive [Read More]

CNG Source has announced that the company was formalizing a deal with V-Energia for a large, public compressed natural [Read More]

TruStar Energy has announced that the company completed 41 compressed natural gas (CNG) stations for public and private [Read More]

The concept of an all-electric, long-haul, semi-truck may be technically feasible utilizing today’s technology, but [Read More]

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