Zebulon Partners with IMPCO on CNG and LPG in U.S.


Iowa-based Zebulon Innovations has been named the exclusive U.S. distributor for IMPCO Automotive’s third model year and beyond compressed natural gas (CNG) and propane autogas (LPG) vehicle conversions, as well as systems for newer vehicles that have exceeded IMPCO’s original 25,000-mile odometer restriction.

Zebulon Innovations is also the exclusive North American importer and distributor of CNG and LPG automotive conversion systems for Italy-based Zavoli. Both IMPCO and  Zavoli are subsidiaries of Fuel Systems Solutions, which announced a planned merger with Westport Innovations in September, and Zebulon says this connection is one of the reasons why IMPCO Automotive chose the Iowa-based company.

“With two of the top vehicle conversion systems in the world now available to the United States via one distributor, it is unfathomable why a fleet or installer would consider any other certified third model year or IUL EPA conversion system,” comments Ken Boyle, CEO of Zebulon.

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