Agility Fuel Solutions Unveils Blue iQ Nat-Gas Fuel Product


Agility Fuel Solutions, a provider of highly engineered natural gas fuel systems and Type 4 cylinders for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, has introduced its newest natural gas fuel product, Blue iQ, at the American Trucking Association’s TMC Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition.

According to Agility Fuel Solutions, Blue iQ uses proprietary technology developed through the company’s partnership with Cummins to give natural gas vehicles (NGVs) the same tools that diesel trucks use to optimize fuel consumption and maximize uptime.

All fuel system manufacturers have access to onboard diagnostic data, but Blue iQ takes it further by integrating with Cummins Connected Diagnostics, INSITE service tool and QuickServe support to connect vehicles, drivers, managers and technicians for real-time management, diagnostics and service.

In addition, Blue iQ  has access to Cummins proprietary engine data. Its Smart Gauge dashboard has a Vehicle Range Monitor to determine how far drivers can go with the gas on board; EcoMode to help avoid unplanned refueling at low fuel levels; and Limp Home Mode to get drivers safely out of traffic at extremely low fuel levels. The company says there’s also Cold Start Logic to ensure no downtime on cold mornings.

“The best path to a sustainable planet is to make sustainability good business,” says Kathleen Ligocki, CEO of Agility Fuel Solutions. “Blue iQ allows natural gas vehicles to operate on a level playing field with diesel but with lower fuel costs, quieter engines and less emissions.”

Agility says that converting diesel fleets to NGVs has proven successful, as its largest refuse customer has found that for every diesel truck replaced with natural gas, greenhouse gases are reduced by 22 metric tons per year, or a 21% reduction per truck. It also cuts nitrogen oxide by up to 50%.

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