XF70 Fast-Fill CNG Dispenser Achieves Binational Certification


Parker Hannifin Corp., a global provider of motion and control technologies, has announced that the XF70 fast-fill commercial and fleet dispenser is now certified by CSA Group to ANSI/IAS NGV 4.1-99/CSA 12.5-M99 (R2014) – NGV Dispensing Systems. According to Parker Hannifin, this makes the XF70 the only commercial and fleet dispenser to achieve the certification.

The XF70 is engineered for heavy-duty fleets, the company says, and features integrated fueling systems and intrinsically safe components. The dispenser was designed by Parker’s Veriflo division, a manufacturer of precision gas flow management products.

“With its certification to ANSI/IAS NGV 4.1-99/CSA 12.5-M99 (R2014) – NGV Dispensing Systems, the XF70 Commercial and Fleet Dispenser offers customers even greater confidence in the performance and durability of the XF70,” says Madhukar Puniani, business development manager of natural gas systems in the Parker Veriflo division.

“As the first manufacturer to have its compressed natural gas dispenser certified by CSA Group to the binational fuel dispenser standard, Parker is demonstrating its commitment to promoting alternative vehicle fuels that lower the impact on the environment,” says Rich Weiser, CSA Group’s regional vice president in the U.S. and Mexico. “CSA Group is committed to developing standards and offering testing and certification programs that promote sustainable practices and products.”

As the industry’s only provider of complete industrial and fleet fuel dispensing solutions for high-flow, high-cycle compressed natural gas (CNG) applications, according to Parker Hannifin, the company also offers a wide range of CNG dispenser kits, subsystems and components to meet all customer needs and requirements.

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