Worthington CNG Tanks Will Be Integrated Into 2014 Cruze Conversions


Worthington Industries says it will be the compressed natural gas (CNG) tank provider for IMPCO Automotive's bi-fuel CNG conversions of the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze.

Worthington first began working with IMPCO two years ago as the tank provider for Chevy Silverado CNG conversions, following Worthington's acquisition of Structural Composites Industries. The work on the Cruze project began this year, representing the eighth major North American passenger vehicle platform for which Worthington has supplied CNG cylinders.

Wayne Powers, Worthington's director of alternative fuels and composite technology, told NGT News that the company will be providing IMPCO with an 8.4 GGE CNG tank that will offer a CNG-only driving range of approximately 200 miles on the bi-fuel Cruze. The tank itself is a Type 3 unit composed of an all-metal 6061 aluminum liner encased with carbon-fiber reinforcement. A fiberglass overlay acts as a protective layer for the tank, which meets FMVSS 304 and NGV2 guidelines.

Worthington operates six facilities globally that manufacture various tank technologies for alternative fuels, including CNG, propane autogas and hydrogen. The company is also working on products for liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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