UQM Introduces System for Heavy-Duty Truck and Bus Fleet Vehicles


UQM Technologies Inc. says it is adding the PowerPhase HD 950T – a new offering aimed squarely at the heavy-duty truck and bus markets – to its portfolio of electric propulsion systems.

The PowerPhase HD 950T provides 950 Nm of torque, 144 kW of peak power and 100 kW of continuous power. The high torque level delivers ‘better launch performance, grade climbing and acceleration for heavier vehicles,’ UQM says. Moreover, the power and speed range enable the product's electric motor to be used in conjunction with advanced transmission technologies.

In addition to full-electric vehicle applications, the PowerPhase HD 950T is suitable for integration into parallel hybrid applications. The higher torque and lower speed range optimizes the system for operation at engine speeds – a requirement of these powertrains.

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