U.K. Government Offering Financial Support To Fleet Buyers Of Electric Vans


The U.K.'s Department for Transport has extended its grant program for plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) through 2015, as well as approved van purchases to qualify under the initiative.

The existing program for passenger vehicles offers a 25% (up to 5,000 British pounds) grant to consumers who buy a new plug-in EV. The expanded program now allows van buyers – including fleet operators – to receive a 20% grant (up to 8,000 British pounds) on those purchases.

‘Car buyers have had a year to take advantage of our grant, and now it's time for van buyers to get their chance to go electric,’ said Transport Minister Norman Baker in a statement. ‘This is great news for businesses, given the lower running costs of these vehicles. Fleet buyers tell us that this is one of the most important factors influencing their decision on what to buy.’

The ministry notes that more than 2,500 charging stations are available in the U.K. The government's Plugged-In Places initiative has helped put more than 750 of those into service, and private enterprises are planning to install another 4,000 charge points by the end of the year.

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