Municipal Fleet Trying Out Wireless EV Charging Technology


The City of Sacramento, Calif., has added its fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) to a trial program being administered by Evatran, the company that has developed the Plugless Power wireless EV charging technology.

Plugless Power uses magnetic induction in order to allow EV drivers to ‘avoid the repetitive process of physically plugging-in and unplugging their EVs on a daily basis,’ the company says.

Other participants in the trials include Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, Duke Energy, Google, DTE Energy and The Hertz Corporation. These companies will be testing the second generation of Evatran's technology.

‘This second phase of the program is aimed at confirming our production design is ready for release to individual electric vehicle owners,’ says Rebecca Hough, Evatran's CEO and co-founder. ‘We've focused on getting a diverse collection of installation locations – from Detroit to Southern California to the Southeast – to ensure we're ready to launch the product on a nationwide scale.’

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