Hauling Fleet Using Hydrogen-Based System To Improve Diesel Performance


USA Metal Recycling, a scrap-metal processing company that operates in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, is working with Alternative Hydrogen Solutions (AHS) to integrate Highline Technical Innovations' Hy-Impact hydrogen systems into its fleet of Class 8 trucks.

Hy-Impact uses hydrogen as a catalyst to more effectively burn fuel, the companies say. Hydrogen is separated from water via electrolysis, allowing a precise amount of hydrogen gas to be introduced into the engine's combustion chamber, creating a significantly more efficient fuel burn – a 6% to 18% improvement in fuel efficiency has been demonstrated, they add.

USA Metal Recycling started field-testing the Hy-Road system – the Hy-Impact model for trucking applications – in March. The company has since experienced fuel savings of 12% and a 51% reduction in diesel exhaust fluid usage.

‘I would not have believed the data if I had not performed the tests myself,’ says USA Metal Recycling's John Rogers. ‘Additionally, our drivers have reported an overall drastic improvement in engine performance. Trucks idle smoother; pull hills better.’

USA Metal Recycling uses model-year 2011 Pinnacle CHU613 tractors from Mack Trucks.

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