FedEx Fleet Vehicles to Receive Hydrogen Fuel Cell Range Extenders


FedEx Express is working with Plug Power Inc. to integrate hydrogen fuel cell range extenders in 20 of the fleet's all-electric delivery trucks from Smith Electric Vehicles.

These delivery vehicles will use lithium-ion batteries coupled with a 10 kW Plug Power hydrogen fuel cell system that is based on the company's GenDrive Series 1000 product. The EVs currently have a range of about 80 miles on a full charge; when the Plug Power system is installed, the vehicles' range will nearly double.

‘Early customer experiences with electric delivery vehicles have been overwhelmingly positive,’ says Andy Marsh, Plug Power's CEO. ‘We think that this range extender provides the added distance and quick refueling capabilities needed to really grow this market.’

The company notes that its range extender technology can increase delivery fleet efficiency to over 50%, coupled with a decrease in fuel expenses of 35% to 40% compared to diesel trucks.

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