Companies Partner To Boost Fleet Uptake Of Hybrid Electrics


XL Hybrids Inc. has signed an agreement with Henley Transmission Services LLC to certify AAMCO technicians to perform hybrid-electric conversions and to service these vehicles.

XL Hybrids has developed an aftermarket powertrain designed specifically for class 1-3 commercial fleet vehicles. Henley Transmission is the largest franchise holder of AAMCO automotive service centers. XL Hybrids says it will begin training AAMCO technicians this summer, and conversions will then be available at Henley's AAMCO facilities.

‘XL Hybrids' electric powertrain technology allows Henley Transmissions to continue to offer premium solutions for the evolving needs of commercial fleet and retail customers,’ says John Cutter, president of Henley Transmissions.

XL Hybrids' powertrain, which is installed without modifying or removing the OEM engine or transmission, is currently available for the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana cargo and passenger vans.

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