ClipperCreek Unveils ChargeGuard for HCS Series Charging Stations


ClipperCreek Inc., a California-based company specializing in electric vehicle charging equipment, introduced the HCS Series with ChargeGuard, an access control solution designed for fleet, workplace, multi-tenant, hospitality and residential charging applications, at the ACT Expo today.

ClipperCreek says that the ChargeGuard option, priced at $78, delivers reliable key-based access control for the Level 2, 240 V ClipperCreek HCS Series product line, which starts at $565. The combination, priced starting at $643, is a great value for an access controlled charging solution, according to the company.

“The HCS with ChargeGuard is a robust and cost-effective solution for companies who desire access control but do not want to pay high upfront hardware costs or ongoing network fees,” says Will Barrett, sales director for ClipperCreek. “ChargeGuard allows station owners to issue keys to restrict usage and control electric utility expenses. The ChargeGuard was developed, in part, based on feedback from employers who want to offer charging for their employees at an affordable price point.”

According to ClipperCreek, using the ChargeGuard is very simple: plug the vehicle in, insert the key into the station and turn to start charging. The company says that the key can be removed and power will be available until the vehicle is disconnected. The key could also be left in place in the “on” position for open access charging.


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