Alkane Truck Co. Unveils Alt-Fuel Humvee-Style Vehicle, The Alkane Dominator


After recently securing approval for its alternative-fueled Class 7 cab-over truck, Alkane Truck Co. has announced plans to manufacture a Humvee-type vehicle branded “The Alkane Dominator.” The first Alkane Dominators off the assembly line will be powered by propane autogas (LPG), but the vehicles will also be available with an optional compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system.

The South Carolina-based company says the Dominator utilizes outsourced componentry and existing dealerships for distribution. Specifically designed for both off-road and on-road travel, the Dominator has a 12,800 GVW, 4-wheel drive and Allison automatic transmission. It has a high-powered, high-torque V8 engine operating on LPG or CNG.

Designed to drive through high water as well as rugged terrain, the Alkane Dominator is suited for police and fire departments for use in rescue efforts during extreme weather conditions, as well as for off-road enthusiasts.

Alkane says it expects the Dominator to be appealing to Homeland Security, federal, state and county governments for crowd control and emergency situations. Furthermore, the company says its U.S. engineering partners are developing ways to equip the vehicle with armor plating for police and military uses.

“Offering the Alkane Dominator as an LPG- or CNG-fueled vehicle is intended to support American fuel independence,” says Alkane Founder and CEO Bob Smith.

Alkane notes that all of its trucks are assembled at its newly established Summerville, S.C., plant.

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