XL Hybrids Debuts Cloud-Based Fleet Vehicle Analytics System


XL Hybrids Inc. has introduced a new cloud-based big data analytics system, XL Link, which measures MPG performance and reports carbon dioxide emissions reductions in clients’ hybrid-electric fleet vehicles. XL Link is currently measuring key performance indicators in vehicles equipped with XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive Systems for major fleets, such as the City of Boston, Yale University, AmeriPride Services and Montgomery County Maryland, according to XL Hybrids.

“Our XL Link technology delivers powertrain performance analytics with actionable intelligence,” says Ed Lovelace, chief technology officer of XL Hybrids. “When fleets invest in alternative-fuel technology, they want to make certain they are reducing their carbon footprint and making an impact with their sustainability efforts, which is why XL Link collects millions of vehicle operational data points to produce highly accurate reports fleets can rely on.”

Through both the mobile app and the desktop dashboard, XL Link provides fleet managers with valuable data, including the following:

  • Continuous data link from any Ford, GM or Isuzu commercial vehicle that XL3 is compatible with;
  • Analytics summary of millions of vehicle operational data points per vehicle;
  • Provides actionable intelligence for fleets with regard to MPG, speed, idling, vehicle duty cycle and more;
  • MPG performance and CO2 emissions reduction summaries; and
  • Fulfillment of reporting requirements for voucher and incentive programs.

As part of XL Hybrids’ Internet of Things and connected vehicle strategy, the XL Link wireless data connectivity system is installed in all customer fleet vehicles. There is currently no extra fee for this vehicle monitoring service because it is included with all XL3 systems. XL Link does not impact fleets’ use of existing telematics devices or services or fuel cards.

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