XL Hybrids Announces 25 Million Total Customer Miles on Road


XL Hybrids Inc., a provider of fleet electrification solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, has announced that 25 million road miles will have been collectively driven this month by globally recognized brands, municipalities and nonprofits using the XL3 Hybrid electric drive system in their service, delivery and passenger fleets.

“The number of fleet vehicles using XL Hybrids’ technology is increasing significantly as we work with major fleets – including The Coca-Cola Company, AmeriPride Service and the City of Boston – and gain new clients, such as BMC Stock and Yale University,” says Clay Siegert, co-founder and chief operating officer for XL Hybrids. “These additional fleet customers are exponentially increasing the number of customer road miles driven with XL Hybrids electric drive technology.”

With 25 million miles achieved, XL Hybrids’ customers have so far effectively achieved the following:

  • Saved 440,000+ gallons of gas;
  • Reduced 4,000+ tons of carbon dioxide;
  • Saved 3,500 hours of driver productivity with fewer stops for fuel fill-ups; and
  • Experienced more than 99.9% vehicle uptime.

According to XL Hybrids, the XL3 Hybrid electric drive system delivers immediate cost savings with a 25% increase in miles per gallon. The company asserts that its technology has a quick adoption rate for fleets because there are no fueling infrastructure requirements, no special plugs or charging stations, and no need for extra driver training. Consequently, there is zero impact on fleet operations while sustainability efforts are boosted with 20% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

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