Wyoming Alternative Fuel Tax Bill Advances


H.B.9, a bill that would tax alternative fuels and electric vehicles (EVs) in Wyoming, is making its way through the state's legislature.

According to a report on Casper Star-Tribune, a Senate committee unanimously signed off on the proposal Tuesday and sent it to be considered on the Senate floor. The bill already passed in the state House of Representatives and would establish taxes on a whole host of alternative fuels, such as natural gas, propane and biodiesel.

As proposed, the bill would place a $0.24 tax on each gasoline gallon equivalent or diesel gallon equivalent, as appropriate, on the majority of alternative fuels used to power motor vehicles. EV owners, however, would have to purchase a $50 decal annually.

The report says the bill now goes to the Senate floor. If passed, the legislation would go to Gov. Matt Mead, who would either veto or sign the bill into law.

The full report is available here.

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