W.Va. County Fleet Adds Three Alt-Fuel Vehicles


At a press conference on July 3, the Kanawha, W.Va., County Commission revealed three new alternative fuel vehicles that are now part of the county's fleet. The new vehicles include two compressed natural gas (CNG) bi-fuel Chevy Tahoes and one propane bi-fuel Ford F-150.

Under the Kanawha Converts initiative, created in January 2012, the commission recently approved the purchase of the new alternative fuel vehicles.

According to The Charleston Gazette, Kanawha County Commissioner Dave Hardy said this pilot project is just the beginning.
‘It's very exciting for us to be on the cutting edge of emerging technology,’ Hardy said. ‘I think this is a snapshot of the future.’

In addition, the county already has a CNG fueling station at the Kanawha County Courthouse, and construction is slated to begin on a new quick-fill CNG fueling station in the coming weeks.

To read the full Gazette report, click HERE.

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