Worthington Propane Autogas Tanks Attain ASME Approval


Worthington Industries says the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has approved its family of toroidal (aka, doughnut-shaped) propane autogas fuel tanks, positioning the products for market entrance in the U.S.

The tanks' shape enables them to be integrated into the space where a car's or truck's spare tire would ordinarily be found. Worthington has been fabricating these toroidal autogas tanks for two decades, and they have found a number of applications in Europe, South America and Asia.

The company says it will begin taking orders for the products in the U.S. in a few weeks, and full production will commence this fall.

‘Earning this certification and having the ability to deliver this high-quality product will benefit fleet owners interested in fuel conversion and provide them a design that maximizes cargo space by only utilizing the spare tire space of a vehicle,’ says Wayne Powers, general manager, alternative fuels, for Worthington Industries.

The company notes that the ASME certified eight different models of the propane tanks, suitable for various vehicle integrations. For more details, send an email to cylinders@worthingtonindustries.com.

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