Worthington Introduces Large-Diameter CNG Cylinder


Ohio-based Worthington Industries Inc. has expanded its line of compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders with a new lightweight, large-diameter model. The company introduced the 26.2-inch cylinder at the 2015 Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Dallas.

This represents Worthington's largest Type 3 CNG cylinder to date, and it is ideal for Class 8 heavy-duty and refuse trucks. The company claims the product's inner aluminum liner dissipates heat during fast-filling, allowing for an additional 15% to 25% more fuel storage compared to Type 4 cylinders of similar size.

Worthington also says its Type 3 CNG cylinders, including this new model, are built to aircraft, railcar and watercraft CNG cylinder standards, which are more stringent than typical over-the-road standards.

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