Westport Debuts GEMDi Dual-Fuel Natural Gas Engine Technology


Westport has partnered with prominent India-based automotive company Tata Motors to develop and demonstrate its new dual-fuel natural gas technology, GEMDi, signifying ‘gas enhanced methane diesel.’

The proprietary system has been integrated into a 5.0-liter engine platform that Tata will be rolling out for use in medium-duty trucks and buses. Upon successful completion of the development phase, commercialization with Tata Motors is expected to follow, with Westport supplying key natural gas engine components.

‘Westport GEMDi is an innovative, low-cost, fully integrated solution with advanced dual-fuel performance,’ says Thomas Rippon, executive vice president of Westport. ‘Westport GEMDi is the right solution for engine OEMs, such as Tata, that are committed to offering sustainable products utilizing natural gas as a primary fuel, while maintaining diesel-like performance and efficiency.’

The base diesel engine with Westport GEMDi is optimized for dual-fuel operation through fuel and combustion system modification and engine monitoring and control. Westport's proprietary natural gas components are integrated directly into an OEMs' operations, providing OEMs with high quality standards and reliability for customers. The company notes that GEMDi technology has shown power and torque output similar to its base diesel engine performance, as well as improved fuel economy compared to conventional dual-fuel technology.

Tata Motors also recently worked with Westport on its new spark-ignited natural gas engine: a 3.8-liter turbocharged unit that features Westport's WP580 engine management system.

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