Westport Announces Propane Autogas Package for Ford F-150


Westport Innovations Inc. has announced it will offer a dedicated propane autogas (LPG) system for the model-year (MY) 2016 Ford 5.0-liter F-150 pickup truck.

In May, Ford Motor Co. announced that the aforementioned truck model would be available with a gaseous-fuel prep package to enable the vehicle to run on LPG or compressed natural gas (CNG).

Westport, a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier, says its new LPG system will be offered in addition to the company's previously revealed CNG package for the MY 2016 F-150 truck. The company says both fuel options are part of the Westport WiNG Power System and are expected to be certified to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board standards. Furthermore, Westport notes that its LPG tank packages will be located underbody, rather than in the truck bed.

‘We understand that many fleets use different types of alternative fuels based on availability and business needs,’ comments Paul Shaffer, vice president and managing director of Westport's Dallas operations. ‘By offering dedicated liquid propane in addition to bi-fuel and dedicated CNG vehicles, we are evolving to a full-service alternative fuel provider for fleets operating the popular Ford F-150 pickup truck.’

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