West Virginia Government Fleet Going After Compressed Natural Gas


Kanawha County, W. Va., is ramping up to accommodate natural gas vehicles (NGVs) through a solicitation for bids to build slow-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling capability.

The county fleet already has one NGV of its own – a converted Chevrolet Tahoe – and the Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority is deploying at least eight natural gas buses. The county is poised to add up to 20 more NGVs if a privately owned and operated, fast-fill CNG station comes online in the area.

The Charleston Gazette reports that the slow-fill CNG refueling ‘port,’ which will be located at the county courthouse, will be a temporary solution until additional natural gas refueling capacity is built.

The Gazette also notes that county officials are looking into propane autogas as another alternative fuel for fleet operations.

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