Wash. Governor Proposes Plan to Cut Pollution, Promote Clean Transportation


Gov. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., recently announced a set of proposals meant to help the state of Washington curb pollution, including new programs and rules to promote cleaner transportation options. The plan also includes a carbon cap-and-trade program and more money for the state's Clean Energy Fund, among other initiatives.

‘We're here today to announce a plan to take action on climate. It's the smart thing to do because we can make the air cleaner for our children, our businesses can lead the world in clean technology and doing so will bring good-paying jobs to Washington,’ said Inslee.

According to the governor's office, nearly half of Washington's carbon pollution comes from cars, trucks and other transportation sources.

As part of his proposal, Inslee is requesting legislation to extend incentives for electric vehicles (EVs) and create an EV infrastructure bank to spur installation of high-speed charging stations. Furthermore, the state Department of Ecology will request legislation to allow Washington to adopt a zero-emission vehicle program that incentivizes the sale of ZEVs, including plug-in electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Inslee has also asked the Department of Ecology to draft a clean fuel standard rule, which the governor says would help Washington transition to cleaner fuels over time. Before formal rulemaking, however, the governor plans to hear feedback from legislators and the public.

More information on Inslee's proposals can be found here.

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