Volvo Trucks XE Fuel-Efficiency Powertrain Comes to the 11-Liter Engine


Volvo Trucks has added its XE powertrain package as an option for model VNM and VNL trucks (up to 80,000 lbs. GCWR) that feature the company's 11-liter D11 engine.

The XE11 ‘exceptional efficiency’ package is part of Volvo Trucks' complement of fuel-efficiency platforms, with XE packages already available for the 13-liter D13 and 16-liter D16 engines. The company recently announced the availability of XE on a wide spectrum of powertrains.

‘Demand for XE powertrain packages continues to grow as customers increasingly look to combat fuel costs through optimized truck specifications,’ says Volvo Trucks' Goran Nyberg. ‘XE11 delivers a proven strategy for reducing fuel consumption.’

XE11, which is particularly suited for less-than-truckload, distribution, bulk haul and other regional applications, can improve fuel efficiency by up to 3%, the company says. The XE11 package includes a D11 engine with 405 hp/1550 lb.-ft. of torque, a Volvo I-Shift overdrive transmission with a 0.78:1 ratio, axle ratios of 2.64 to 2.80, and software that ‘facilitates seamless communication between Volvo's integrated powertrain components.’

‘XE11 ensures that the engine runs in its sweet spot without wavering at any road speed,’ adds John Moore, Volvo Trucks' powertrain product manager.

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