Volvo Trucks: The Anatomy of Greater Fuel Efficiency


Volvo Trucks says engine technology improvements have resulted in fuel-efficiency gains ranging from 2% to 5% in its model-year 2014 D11, D13 and D16 engines. The company says the fuel efficiency benefits were realized mainly through ‘multiple optimized or new engine components.’

Low-friction cylinder improvements (including a redesigned piston and liner developed with smoother surfaces) and a clutched air compressor (which disengages the clutch from the engine) have been introduced in the new engines, along with a new seven-hole injector that offers better fuel atomization and a more even distribution of fuel within the cylinder. Also, a new crankcase ventilation system filters more oil from blow-by gases before they leave the engine and, at the same time, improves engine back pressure for better performance.

‘Volvo trucks equipped with 2014 engine technology will deliver substantial fuel efficiency benefits, while also providing the power and performance customers expect from a Volvo powertrain,’ says Volvo Trucks' Goran Nyberg.

Volvo Trucks' XE powertrain package, which stands for ‘exceptional efficiency,’ also delivers additional fuel economy gains. Available on Volvo-powered VN highway tractors, the XE package boosts fuel efficiency by about 3% by lowering engine speeds at a given vehicle speed – a concept Volvo calls ‘downspeeding.’ This effect is made possible through the combination of Volvo's I-Shift automated manual transmission and engine software modifications.

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