Volvo Trucks Now Offering Battery-Powered Parking Cooler Option


Volvo Trucks North America has introduced a battery-powered parking cooler as a factory-installed option for its VNM 630, VNL 630, VNL 670, VNL 730 and VNL 780 sleeper models. The battery-powered parking cooler allows drivers to keep the cab and sleeper comfortable without idling the engine, reducing fuel use and emissions, according to Volvo.

​”Volvo’s battery-powered parking cooler truly is a win-win for the driver,” says Jason Spence, Volvo Trucks’ product marketing manager. “With regulations varying from state to state – and even city to city – the parking cooler eliminates the guessing game when it comes to anti-idling rules while maximizing driver comfort, lowering fuel costs and reducing emissions.”

Power comes from the combined energy of the truck-starting batteries paired with four absorbent glass mat (AGM) deep cycle batteries located in the in-frame battery box. The Volvo parking cooler is rated to keep the sleeper comfortable at 74 degrees F for up to 10 hours, and smart energy management software is also included and protects the engine’s starting batteries from being run down.

An automatic thermostat that controls both the air conditioning and heat if the truck is equipped with the optional cab-parking heater operates the Volvo parking cooler. The thermostat allows the driver to simply set one temperature, plus the fan speed, to maintain optimal cab comfort. And, as a factory-installed option, the Volvo battery-powered parking cooler is fully integrated with the sleeper ductwork. For service and maintenance requirements, the parking cooler and its components are easily accessible through convenient service panels.

The Volvo battery-powered parking cooler is factory-installed at Volvo’s New River Valley plant in Dublin, Va., where all Volvo truck models for North America are assembled, and is covered by a three-year warranty.

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