Vnomics Receives Patent for True Fuel Solution


Vnomics Corp. has received a new patent for its True Fuel solution. The newly awarded Patent No. 10,632,941, issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, is for Systems and Methods for Measuring and Reducing Vehicle Fuel Waste.

True Fuel takes into account the impact of vehicle profile and load characteristics and route factors such as slope, traffic controls and volume, weather conditions, time of day, infrastructure conditions and real-time route blockages.

“Most fleets, particularly large ones, have a mixed configuration of trucks, loads and routes on which they deliver loads,” says Bob Magnant, vice president of product management at Vnomics. “All of those unique characteristics play a role in fuel efficiency. With data from True Fuel, we can isolate some or all of those characteristics and determine how relatively important they are in terms of their impact on fuel economy.”

The Vnomics True Fuel solution calculates a truck’s potential fuel economy given its route, load and other external factors, and then identifies any fuel waste caused by inefficient driving practices. anglų kalbos kursai internetu The system also coaches drivers where it matters most – in the cab, in real-time – and provides a fair assessment of their fuel efficiency performance after the trip.

True Fuel uniquely targets only those aspects that a driver can control, such as engine speed, idling and highway speeding, while automatically normalizing factors such as payload weight, route and weather and truck configuration. True Fuel also provides fleet managers with metrics to account for fuel use.

Photo: Vnomics’ True Fuel solution

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