Vermont State Fleet Trying Out Electric Vehicles


During a Drive Electric Vermont event last week, state officials officially launched Vermont's entrance into fleet electrification with the deployment of its first plug-in hybrid, a Toyota Prius.

Complementing the new Prius – and supporting all electric vehicles in the area – is a new charging station located near the State House on Governor Aiken Ave. in Montpelier. The charger can accommodate the simultaneous charging of two vehicles – one space is reserved for state fleet EVs, and the other is available for public use.

The Prius is the first subject in a state pilot program that will allow fleet managers to collect real-time data of vehicle life-cycle costs, fuel consumption, tailpipe emission reductions and overall vehicle performance. The new vehicle will be used for state business travel through the Department of Buildings & General Services Fleet Management Services' motor pool program. FMS will assign the vehicle to employees based on their travel destination in order to best utilize the vehicle's electric range capabilities while concurrently limiting its fuel consumption.

Drive Electric Vermont notes that 250 EVs are currently registered in the state. Also, there are 18 public charging stations operational in Vermont, with seven more scheduled to come online in the next six months.

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