Utah Alternative Fuel Vehicle Legislation Moves to the Governor’s Desk


Legislation aimed at increasing the use of alternative transportation fuels in Utah passed the state House and Senate this week, positioning the bill for Gov. Gary Herbert's signature.

As NGT News previously reported, Sen. J. Stuart Adams' S.B.275 makes amendments to state policy in order to facilitate an uptick in alt-fuel vehicles – particular those running on compressed natural gas (CNG) – and an increase in publicly accessible refueling infrastructure.

A major part of the legislation puts natural gas utility Questar in the pole position for building out CNG stations in the state and provides a mechanism for the company to recover its development costs via the standard rate-case process. Other pieces of the bill are intended to spur a higher adoption of alt-fuel vehicles among state, local and other fleets.

There is little doubt that Herbert will sign the bill, given his strong public support for alternative fuels and other clean-air initiatives.

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