UQM Technologies Extends Supply Agreement with Proterra


UQM Technologies Inc., which develops propulsion systems for electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric and fuel cell electric vehicles, says it has signed an extension to its current long-term supply agreement with Proterra.

According to UQM, the technology company made this decision due to the increased demand in the U.S. marketplace for Proterra’s zero-emission buses and the expected increased production volume of the UQM PowerPhase HD systems.

The award-winning UQM/Proterra drivetrain boasts the most electric vehicle (EV) deployments in the U.S. transit market, according to UQM’s release.

“We see Proterra as the leader in the EV U.S. transit market and look forward to our strategic growth as partners in this market space,” says Joe Mitchell, president and CEO of UQM Technologies Inc. “The experience we have mutually gained with Proterra through their support, success and growth has translated into a product that is second to none in this market. We look forward to our continued growth and expanding our drivetrain technology offerings globally to support this exciting market segment.”

Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra, says, “The extension of our long-term supply agreement with UQM reflects our mutual success in this partnership and speaks to the ability of both teams to address the technology curve, as well as provide solutions that are attractive to our EV customer base.”

Proterra’s zero-emission buses have reached 2 million miles of revenue service, with customers in various states, including California, Washington, Texas, Tennessee, Minnesota, South Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, Kentucky and Nevada.

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