UQM Bringing Heavy-Duty Electric Option To The Market


UQM Technologies Inc. has released its PowerPhase HD 220 electric propulsion system for the commercial vehicle market.

The platform, which is specifically designed for heavy-duty commercial trucks and buses, yields a continuous output of 120 kW and a maximum output of 220 kW. UQM says the system is production-ready and will be built in its manufacturing facility in Colorado.

‘The PowerPhase HD 220 is an important addition to our product line and represents a significant opportunity to grow our customer base and drive revenue and market-share growth,’ says Eric Ridenour, president and CEO. ‘The combination of significant power and high efficiency delivered by the HD 220 is ideal for the commercial heavy-duty trucks and bus markets.’

UQM already offers the PowerPhase Pro 100 and 135 systems for battery-electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. These platforms are used in the CODA electric passenger car, Proterra's electric transit buses and Electric Vehicles International's electric medium-duty trucks and walk-in vans.

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