University Deploys Anti-Idling Technology On Service Vehicles


Transportation Safety Technologies (TST), a manufacturer of electronic components for the specialty vehicle industry, says Miami University (Ohio) has implemented its Idle Guard 200 technology on four campus service vehicles.

‘Unnecessary engine idling is the largest factor in how much fuel a fleet wastes,’ says Clarence Blevins, manager of physical facilities for Miami University. ‘Installing the Idle Guard 200 in our maintenance vehicles will help the university save money while reducing our carbon footprint.’

Idle Guard 200 is a solid-state timer that automatically prevents unnecessary engine idling in fleet and delivery vehicles. The technology, which can be retrofitted on almost any vehicle, allows drivers to remain compliant with anti-idle regulations. The device is offered in three models offering engine shut-off after three, five or 15 minutes by either fuel shutoff with a diesel or by the ignition with a gas engine.

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