TruStar Wraps Up Indiana CNG Fueling Station for HD Fleet


TruStar Energy has completed the construction of a fast-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station that will accommodate the fleet of Indiana-based Monarch Beverage Co.

The Indianapolis-based station, which features three high-power compressors, is capable of delivering more than 11 gallons of CNG per minute, which translates to a refueling time of less than 10 minutes per truck for Monarch. The company currently has 28 Kenworth T440 heavy-duty tractors in its fleet.

‘We wanted to get close to a diesel fill rate, and I think we're there,’ says Fred Dufour, Monarch's senior vice president of operations. ‘Every load, we're taking 60 gallons or less and filling in seven to eight minutes.’

Dufour notes that before this facility was online, the nearest CNG station was more than 20 miles away.

‘The drivers are ecstatic about having on-site fueling, and they're excited about the trucks,’ he says. ‘In the end, drivers will either make you or break you, and for Monarch, they've made the transition to CNG a huge success.’

Overall, Monarch's fleet consumes nearly 1 million gallons of diesel per year. By shifting to CNG, the company is on track to reduce fuel costs by 60% annually – a $2 million to $3 million savings per year.

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