TruStar Extends Portable Fuel System Offering for CNG Fleets


TruStar Energy has expanded its compressed natural gas (CNG) Portable Fuel System (PFS) product offering to include the new PFS Elite 150 and Elite 225.

According to the company, the PFS Elite 150 and Elite 225 produce 66 and 100 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) of fuel per hour, respectively. In addition, TrueStar says the two-compressor PFS Elite 150 and three-compressor PFS Elite 225 provide redundancy, thus helping to ensure fueling is available even if one compressor is down.

‘When we designed the original PFS, we had a certain fleet profile in mind,’ comments TruStar Energy Vice President Scott Edelbach. ‘With the popularity of the PFS, we had more customers asking us for additional capacity as well as a few other modifications.’

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