TruStar Energy CNG Fueling Tech Supporting HD Fleet


Argos USA, a major cement and concrete manufacturer and supplier, has inked a contract with TruStar Energy for the supply of compressed natural gas (CNG) for two refueling stations in Houston and Dallas.

Argos will be deploying 40 new CNG-powered heavy-duty mixer trucks from Peterbilt to serve a pair of its Texas-based ready-mix plants. The company is also looking into acquiring another 40 CNG mixers to possibly go into service in Atlanta; Charlotte, N.C.; and/or Little Rock, Ark.

‘For Argos, this is our first entry into CNG-powered concrete mixers worldwide, and with our 'hub and spoke' fleet business model, we think it makes perfect sense,’ says Argos' USA sourcing manager, Daryl Mizell.

The two new stations will both feature TruStar Energy's PFS Elite 225 portable CNG fueling system. The skid-mounted, compressor-redundant unit produces 100 DGE of CNG per hour.

TruStar Energy notes that Argos' first station is scheduled to come online in May.

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