Transit Fleet Rolls Out Initial Compressed Natural Gas Buses


StarTran, the public transportation agency serving Lincoln, Neb., has debuted its first five compressed natural gas (CNG) buses, built by New Flyer Industries Inc. and featuring Hexagon Lincoln CNG tanks.

These 30-passenger units represent the city's initial complement of natural gas vehicles, according to coverage from Eight more CNG-powered buses will soon be deployed, along with 11 handicap-accessible CNG vans. Once these NGVs are in service, they will represent one-third of the entire StarTran fleet and save approximately $1.3 million in fuel and maintenance costs over their 15-year lifetime.
StarTran Transit Manager Mike Davis told the news station that the incremental cost of the buses' CNG systems – which was largely covered by grants from the state and utility Black Hills Energy – will be paid off in about six years.

Read the article here.

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