Transit Fleet Rolls Out a Pair of Heavy-Duty Electric Buses


California's San Joaquin Regional Transit District, the agency that serves transportation needs in the Stockton area, has deployed two all-electric transit buses from Proterra Inc. CALSTART administered $2.56 million in funding from the California Energy Commission to support the project.

‘The San Joaquin RTD deserves to be congratulated as the first transit property in all of northern California to put battery-electric buses into revenue service,’ says John Boesel, CALSTART's president and CEO. ‘This is a major milestone and a big first step in the effort to improve air quality in the San Joaquin Valley.’

The Proterra EcoRide BE35 buses use the proprietary ProDrive system, which features a PowerPhase HD Select 150 permanent-magnet electric motor from UQM Technologies and Proterra's balance-of-system components. The buses are charged using Proterra's FastFill charging station, which allows the vehicle to connect to an overhead system that automatically links the bus to a charger. A full charge is achieved in five to 10 minutes while passengers load and unload.

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