Trailer Design Couples Hauling With Compressed Natural Gas Storage


Kogel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG, a German company that specializes in freight solutions for the European market, has developed a product that serves not only as semi trailer, but also as additional on-board storage for compressed natural gas (CNG).

The Kogel CNG module can be mounted on the trailer frame or in a pallet box, either built new or in a retrofit application. Coupling of the trailer to the truck is achieved through a proprietary connection plug system that operates in a plug-and-play manner, the company says. CNG modules that are installed in a pallet box can slide out to facilitate simple operation and maintenance.

The multiple tanks can carry up to 290 gal/gasoline equivalent of CNG, which extends a natural gas tractor's range from 200 miles to more than 600 miles, accommodating regional and long-haul trucking. A trailer with a filled Kogel CNG module weighs approximately 1,150 pounds.

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