Texas Tees Up Grant Money For Fleets’ Alternative Fuel Vehicle Purchases


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) says it is administering $5.7 million in grants that are aimed at supporting the replacement of older diesel vehicles with new alternative fuel vehicles and hybrids.

Grants from the Texas Clean Fleet Program, which is under the Texas Emission Reductions Plan (TERP) umbrella, are being offered to businesses, individuals, governments and school districts that own or lease 75 or more light- to heavy-duty, on-road vehicles that are currently registered in the state.

Eligible applicants must be planning on replacing – within a year – at least 20 of those units with natural gas (compressed or liquefied natural gas), propane autogas, hydrogen fuel cell, M85 (85% methanol) or electric vehicles. Hybrids are also acceptable, defined as vehicles that have ‘at least two different energy converters and two different energy storage systems on board the vehicle for the purpose of propelling the vehicle.’

The projects that the TCEQ funds must also yield at least a 25% reduction in emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOX). In fact, the grants will be awarded on a competitive basis, with ‘projects ranked according to the cost per ton of NOX reduced by the project.’

The commission explains that reimbursement amounts will range between 50% and 80% of the purchase costs of the vehicles, depending on the model year and engine type. The grants will be paid after the vehicles are purchased.

The application deadline is August 29, the TCEQ says. Interested fleet operators can find comprehensive information about the grant program HERE.

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