Supply Agreement Supports Class 8 Diesel-Electric Hybridization


ePower Engine Systems LLC says it has secured a supply of lead carbon batteries and energy storage systems from Axion Power International Inc. in order to convert 10 heavy-duty trucks to diesel-electric hybrid drivetrains.

‘Axion Power PbC batteries are ideally suited to our hybridization because of their ability not only to discharge quickly, but also to recharge quickly utilizing regenerative braking and the truck's own power generation system,’ explains Jay Bowman, ePower's chief technology officer.

The Class 8 trucks are being converted as a first step in ePower's long-term plans to bring diesel-electric hybridization to trucking fleets and OEMs. To that end, ePower and Axion say they are currently wrapping up a larger, long-term battery supply contact.

Each of the conversions will require 56 PbC batteries, the companies note.

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