Substantial CEC Funding Is Available For LNG Refueling Infrastructure R&D Projects


The California Energy Commission (CEC) has issued a request for proposals (RFP) to solicit $3 million in research and development projects that focus on bolstering the state's liquefied natural gas (LNG) refueling infrastructure.

The CEC points out that more prevalent LNG refueling stations will support an increased deployment of heavy-duty natural gas vehicles, which consume more fuel and, in turn, tend to be equipped with larger-capacity on-board LNG storage technology. But in California, LNG fueling infrastructure is currently ‘less mature and less widespread’ than compressed natural gas stations, according to the commission.

‘Growth of the LNG vehicle market would be accelerated if certain technical and economic barriers to expanding LNG fueling infrastructure were removed or reduced,’ the CEC says in its RFP.

The research and development projects the CEC is seeking to support will address issues such as LNG dispensing-system safety; vapor venting during long-term fuel storage; splash-back, freeze-up and vapor loss associated with LNG dispensing; and overall system costs. Applicants must meet a wide set of criteria to be eligible for funding.

The CEC is hosting a pre-bid conference on Jan. 23, and the deadline to submit proposals is Feb. 17.

Comprehensive information about this solicitation is available HERE.

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